The sippy cup journey

I was cleaning out some shelves in our kitchen today and there they were. Several million sippy cups in multiple designs, brands, colors. Ok, not several million but close. It all started about 12 months ago. I was determined to find the right sippy cup for my son and so it began. We tried everything (almost) under the sun. I see now, that we went through about 13 different styles and not one of them worked. And this is where I threw in the towel, because V became more comfortable just drinking directly from a cup and/or straw.

But you all must agree that this is quite the visual!


PS: After publishing this post I found 2 more varieties in another closet. Sheesh!


What is your style of discipline?

We have come to a point where we need to figure out what kind of discipline we want to embrace with our son. We want him to be assertive, independent and free-spirited but sometimes it takes a toll. Like the time when we were in the airport security line and he insisted to push the stroller. He cried for 2 hours before falling asleep out of pure exhaustion. There was nothing we could do to stop the anger/frustration he was experiencing.

I read John Gottman’s book about raising emotionally intelligent child and I was applying some of the techniques with him but that did not help. Until now we were more of the distract and redirect type parents but that approach, I feel, is not working.¬†We are against time-outs and also we don’t want to say too much “no”.

So what is your discipline style?