What is your style of discipline?

We have come to a point where we need to figure out what kind of discipline we want to embrace with our son. We want him to be assertive, independent and free-spirited but sometimes it takes a toll. Like the time when we were in the airport security line and he insisted to push the stroller. He cried for 2 hours before falling asleep out of pure exhaustion. There was nothing we could do to stop the anger/frustration he was experiencing.

I read John Gottman’s book about raising emotionally intelligent child and I was applying some of the techniques with him but that did not help. Until now we were more of the distract and redirect type parents but that approach, I feel, is not working. We are against time-outs and also we don’t want to say too much “no”.

So what is your discipline style?


3 thoughts on “What is your style of discipline?

  1. I follow a very similar approach to yours – gentle discipline. I can’t say it works all the time but given my LO’s age and his cognitive power, I don’t expect him to understand immediately why he can’t do certain things, but I’m hoping he’ll eventually understand.

  2. I lock myself in the bathroom sometimes and come out when I regain my sanity. Just kidding. It’s hard. Sometimes I lose patience and tend to yell and then I realize what a bad example I’m setting. It usually helps if DH is home, so I can take a breather.

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