Toddler dinner plans– Sample menu 1

My son goes to school during the day full time. So as such, evening snack and dinner are the only meals he has at home on any week day.  Here is a sample 5 day dinner menu.  He gets through about 50% of his dinner meal at any given day and the parents are near-passed out by then. Smile with tongue out

A note about the meal sizes: My son is very light eater – he gets full easily. So we feed him as long as he is willing to eat. The portion sizes here are for sample only. Please adjust according to your child. My emphasis is to offer  a combo of carbs + fruit/veggies + protein with every dinner.


One slice of veggie pizza (small)
mandarin orange
1/4 cup coconut water


1/4 cup cooked white rice + ghee
Cheddar cheese – 1 slice
mandarin orange
diced and fried potato – 1/4 cup


Spinach and cheese quesadilla Steamed broccoli
Strawberry, diced – 1/8 cup


Spinach and carrot risotto
Sweet potato fries


Deep fried wheat bread (Indian puri)
Cheese slice
Blueberries – 10

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