State of the Child

It has been a while since I blogged here. I feel sorry about not being able to chronicle our lives better. So this is going to be sort of a recap post (long one too).

Let me first tell the not-so-good stuff. In June 2013 my son had his very first episode of breathing distress. It is every bit as horrendous as it sounds. This was our first time and we had no clue how to handle it. On top of that we were not in Seattle at the time. A simple cold caused his lungs to inflame badly thus restricting oxygen intake. The doctors term this as “reactive airways disease” and generally don’t have a clue as to why it occurs. They only do incident management during a breathlessness episode by administering steroids. We were on oxygen therapy and steroids for about 24 hours before being discharged. Since then my son had 3 more episodes (as of this writing) and don’t know how many more. Because of this we decided to keep my son at home. We are trying a variety of arrangements (both the husband and I work) taking care of him. Currently my mom is visiting us but she leaves in another month so we will go back to our creative, whacky child care arrangements.

July 2013 – this month was all about getting him settled at home. We converted our formal dining/living room space into his play area and that was super fun.

Aug 2013 – We went to India and Varun had a blast! It was bitter-sweet for us because he fell sick twice both of which required hospitalization (reactive airways the first time and viral fever the second time).

Sep 2013 – Back from India and having fun with grandmom at home. More sickness.

Oct 2013 –  Celebrating Indian festivals Navrathri with his aunt and uncle in Kansas. Again too much fun was had. Some more sickness.

It is just soo much fun to be around him these days. It is equally frustrating because I feel like I am running around an energizer bunny that is severely opinionated and resolute about EVERY LITTLE THING! Oh my god, this thing called “independence”. That and self reliance.  Talking about self reliance…he has become very adept at making pancakes. He must stir all the ingredients – buckwheat flour + aalu oil (olive oil) + 2 spoons suggu ( 2 spoons sugar) + meek (milk) and pankeeek  (almond flour). and we have to mik mik mik (mix, mix, mix). If I even touch the edge of the mat he is sitting on while he is stirring there will be  mega meltdown.

I see that he is becoming very understanding… as in I can actually reason with him sometimes. His language and expressive skills are increasing and he always blows my mind with his keen memory. What is more fun is that he is picking up a lot of Telugu (my mother tongue) and it is so much fun.  You know this age where everything they talk is cute and funny…that! So entertaining.

He picks his own outfits and he critiques mine as well. Just yesterday I wore a traditional  Indian outfit and wore a black cardigan on top. He looked at me and asked me to take off the cardigan and then proceeded to give me a compliment that I looked good (“bavundi” = looks good)! I was speechless. Actually I realize now that at least once a day he leaves me speechless.

His imaginative play is becoming a little more sophisticated these days. He enacts things and tells stories to his toys and it is just such a delight to watch his imagination run wild. He is huge helper (if you can call that) in kitchen. He measures out rice, pasta, water, flour and other ingredients. But some days I just can’t deal with the mess and don’t let him help me. Oh well! And oh, ever since we stopped sending him to the daycare, he does not sleep before 11pm.

As messy as it is, as tiresome as it is..I still think I love the two’s!

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