SOTC–Dec 2013

So, where were we? Oh yeah, imaginary dinosaurs chasing us, which, btw is still going strong. Last month after my mom left, Varun asked about her exactly once!  We were surprised at how well he received her leaving. I think kids are super resilient that way. He does reminisce about her but in a happy way not the missing/sad type that we adults are wont to doing.

After my mom left, we depended on temporary nanny care from this agency. They sent us whoever was available which means there was a new person to take care of him every other day (except 1 week where we had a single person). He was such a trooper!!! He kind of got along with all of them with no fuss or anxiety. I cannot thank him enough for the way he handled a new face every day. I am honestly so tired of this..but until we find the right nanny I guess we don’t have a choice.

His imaginary play is getting really really entertaining. For example: We took him to an aquarium the other day. We saw some fish, octopus, jelly fish and even a diver Santa. After that we got on this Ferris wheel and much fun was had. The next day we were home and he started narrating everything. He climbed on the sofa and “put his seat belt” on. Then we “drove” to the “akryaam” and saw “fishy” and “Santa”.  There was round mat on the floor and that was the “weel”. We enact this whole episode almost every day! I can play with him these days with almost no toys!

He also went tubing for the first time last weekend and I was amazed at how much he enjoyed it. He even found a way to tube all by himself without getting scared! For a guy who is scared of swings (we have good days and bad days with the swing…but mostly bad days) it was surprising and exciting to see him have so much fun.

He does not get much social interaction during the week, so we tend do a lot of stuff over the weekend. We caught a ballet performance performed by little girls and Varun actually enjoyed it. He even clapped at the end of the performance. Adorbs!!

His language is growing boundlessly in both English and Telugu. He is making many sentences and learning new words like “daddy pisikaadu (daddy squeezed me), chappatlu kottu (clap your hands),

He is obsessed with my popu dabba (Indian spice box) and can name – saajeera, miriyalu, elaichi, jeelakarra, pasupu and minapappu. I think he has the most cutest Telugu accent, ever!

I see that he is picking a lot more English these days. Shame, really. Because if he doesn’t speak Telugu he will forget it and that will be that. Oh well.