Hello everybody!
We are first-time parents to Varun, our now 2.5 year-old son. This is to chronicle our journey, our views and evolution as parents.

I still remember during the first few days of his life, he was so fragile, so precious (he still is…but you know what I mean).  There was a new revelation every single day. So much to learn and watch and improvise and experiment and despair! Oh yeah, despair is a big part of any experiment, na? He was a like a breathing, growing science experiment. That’s what I used to tell my friends – a baby is a like a super precious, super delicate science experiment. And that’s the namesake of this blog Smile

It truly takes a village to raise a child, and being immigrant parents in the US, I miss that a lot. I am sure many of you resonate with that. This blog is also our way of creating that little village that will guide and support us.

And oh, we live in the great Pacific Northwest and share a love hate relationship with this region’s weather.

(Updated on Oct 16th.)

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