DIY: “Sand paper” Letters



I love making Montessori type learning material for my little one. The process of creating something from everyday things is such a lovely experience and stress buster for me.

I bought all the materials from Michael’s craft store.


  1. ArtmindsTM Wooden discs (29c each) – 26
  2. Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint – Carribean shade – 1 bottle
  3. Sponge Brush – 1
  4. CreatologyTM  Glitter Foam Alphabet stickers – 130pc – 1 packet


  1. Paint the wooden discs:
    1. I painted them only on one side. the other side has this nasty sticker that was a pain to remove. Do a double coat to get that beautiful blue color (wait until the paint is completely dry before proceeding with a second coat).
    2. After double coating, wait until the paint is completely dry. Peel the alphabet stickers and stick them on to the painted discs.


It was really easy and I did it during lunch breaks and after-hours. So pysched to show this to V.