Cough related tips, remedies and medicines

Persistent cough is the bane of our existence. It is very painful to see my son cough badly and it goes on for months. We give him a lot of honey (and other home remedies from my mom and mom-in-law) but that does not help. It gets so bad that he throws up almost every night during the peak bouts. We have been on Flovent and Albuterol for god knows how many months now (on and off) and I hate using those medicines. I was looking for alternatives. Here is a compilation of my research so far. Will keep adding more to this list.

This has been divided into 4 sections:

  1. Non-medicinal: this is more like things you can do to his environment, topical applications of oils/etc., dietary changes
  2. Homeopathy: covers homeopath medicines
  3. Home remedies/medicines: compilation of home remedies and other medicines
  4. Ayurveda: list of Ayurveda medicines

Disclaimer: Please use these at your own risk. Please apply discretion while administering these medicines. These have not been tested in any way and some of them may aggravate cough or induce other complications.


  1. Humidifying the room
  2. Cutting out dairy
  3. Check for mold
  4. Sunny weather – taking him out on a sunny helped a child
  5. Avoid cold foods and drinks
  6. Apply baby Vicks on his feet and put socks on
  7. New stress in life might be causing his cough too…check if any new changes are in his life
  8. Get checked out by an asthma/allergy specialist
  9. Avoid cold yogurt
  10. Rub warm mustard oil on chest and back
  11. Put 2 drops of eucalyptus oil in child’s bath
  12. Keep the child hydrated to loosen the mucus
  13. Try a homeopath
  14. Take away the humidifier – contrary to popular suggestion
  15. Install an air filtration system (central filter/etc.)
  16. Mix camphor and coconut oil. Warm the mixture and have the child breathe in the fumes (avoid this remedy when using homeo medicines, the strong smells acts as an antidote to homeo – thanks M! for pointing this out)

Homeopathy Medicines:

  1. Hyland’s cough syrup
  2. Similasan with cold cough fever variations

Home Remedies and Other Medicines:

  1. Dabur Honitus available in India
  2. Warm broth in a sippy cup
  3. Warm water + honey + lemon
  4. Fish-oil and probiotics for general immunity (not cough related)
  5. Black Elderberry Syrup
  6. Cinnamon + honey
  7. Little spoonful of roasted ajwain (don’t exceed more than that) to be given to the child. Ajwain = carom seeds available in indian grocery stores. If it is too strong mix it with organic jaggery (available in indian stores)
  8. Milk + turmeric
  9. Pinch of karkaya powder in honey (karkaya is an indian spice)
  10. Give the child lots of fluids. Watered down juice, broth, etc
  11. Honey + powdered dried ginger
  12. Honey + roasted and powdered cloves
  13. Honey + lemon + ginger


Kasturi pills (available in India)