Tour of our playroom

Presenting our art and play space- tada!!!

Earlier in June we decided to dis-enroll Varun from school and have him stay home with a nanny or us/grand parents.  In preparation for that we started modifying our home environment. We have been wanting to design a dedicated play space for the little one since Dec 2012 and we finally did it!  We have been enjoying this space for about 5 months now and slowly making more additions.
Our house came with a huge/long formal dining living room that we hardly ever used. It used to be a junk yard of sorts. Some time last year we emptied and threw away most of the stuff. After some research we finally did some planning and created the space for him. He loves it! We love it and it is the most favorite place in our home for me right now.

In here you see about 1/2 of the room. That is the main entrance to our home. So this is the first thing any guests see as soon as they enter Smile


The pic below is what you see from the main entrance. That easel is from Ikea and so is the play kitchen.


This is the south facing wall. Yes! Lot of sun light streaming though those windows.


A close-up view of our play kitchen below:


Below is another space for stacking/sorting kind of work. These benches double up as storage for putting away larger toys.


I made this felt board for him and this is our story telling corner.


I also put up his art for display in one of the corners (this is the south east corner of the room).


Towards the west wall of the home we have a large-ish indoor slide and on particularly rainy days this slide provides a lot of much needed physical activity. The photo wall you see there has some highlights since his birth.


another view of the room


Final notes: We bought almost all of this from Ikea. We loved the soft edges, the colors and the various options. All the furniture you see here cost us about $1300. If you would like to know more about the individual pieces leave a comment.

I hope you enjoyed touring our space!