A couple of years ago I realized that we had way too much stuff.  We lived with that realization not knowing where to start/what to do. We got rid of some of our belongings in preparation for our son’s arrival. However, it has been a long and painful battle with material belongings ever since. The weight of possession draws us down like gunk on a wheel hampering the progress in our life. It occupies a very big portion of my mental CPU cycles and grates on my nerves day in and day out. In my mind’s eye I can visualize what owning less can do to us, our parenting and more importantly to our son. In spite of the realization and the benefits of de-cluttering we are not able to just get it done. I have been reading a lot of blogs and they all say one thing – start it slow, start it small. I guess I just have to “eat the frog” (a term meaning just do that thing however unpleasant it might look).  I want to change that, I really wish there were “simplicity consultants”. I am always good when I work in a team and having a consultant with motivate me to get it done. Until I find one, I guess I am going to be my own consultant.

Here are my 2 simple goals:

1) Clean out my son’s toys by next weekend
2) Clean out our linen closet by next weekend

I am going to tackle just these two tasks to begin with. Let’s see how that goes.

And I realized that living simple and being simple takes a lot of work Open-mouthed smile Simplicity has got be on your mind 24×7. It is akin to breathing. If you stop living and breathing simplicity, clutter and materials just take over your life. I hope to get into a rhythm of living simply!

Some blogs that are helping me in my journey:
1) Zen Habits
2) Simple Living Media group of blogs

I will leave you with a completely different article about fostering autonomy in children.